The Steering Committee (SC) is responsible for ensuring outstanding research productivity within the BLOODSAFE project. The SC oversees the development of research projects and assists the Executive Committee in the implementation and management of scientific projects. Once completed, the SC oversees the preparation and dissemination of the research results derived from the projects and, in doing so, optimizes the scientific usage of all data collected from completed BLOODSAFE projects. The SC also oversees joint scientific aims (e.g., common data elements) and arranges periodic scientific retreats.
The Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for supporting the SC by developing and implementing effective and efficient systems, structures and processes to support BLOODSAFE's mission.
The Publications Committee reviews and approves all abstracts, presentations, and manuscripts that utilize data generated from BLOODSAFE projects.
An external and independent OSMB/DSMB advises NHLBI on study feasibility, participant safety and burden, data monitoring, and successful achievement of milestones for each project. The OSMB/DSMB makes recommendations to NHLBI regarding study continuation or modification.