Project Overview: Enhancing Blood Donation at Schools and Beyond: An Implementation Science Study
UG3 Protocols
Protocol 1 (Principal Investigators: Dr. Emmanuel Singogo, Dr. Mina Hosseinipour & Dr. Bridon M'baya)
Improving epidemiological surveillance of transfusion transmissible infections and hemovigilance analysis through a comprehensive evaluation of routinely collected blood donation data in Malawi
Protocol 2 (Principal Investigators: Dr. Effie Kondwani Chipeta, Dr. Mina Hosseinipour & Dr. Bridon M'baya)
Exploring facilitators and barriers to blood collection and repeat donations in high and low performing districts/programs in Malawi
Institution: Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (Blantyre)
Collaborators: University of Malawi – College of Medicine, Lilongwe Medical Relief Fund Trust, and University of North Carolina