Multi-Country: ABDS

Project Overview: An international repeated cross-sectional observational study of blood donation in Sub-Saharan Africa

SHORT TITLE: African BLOODSAFE Blood Donor Study (ABDS)

A repeated cross-sectional observational study conducted over the duration of the BLOODSAFE project with a minimum of two 3-week enrolment periods per year to determine the number of blood donation attempts over time. All individuals seeking to donate blood at participating sites in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi will contribute to data collection one time on the day of donation. Individuals will be invited to consent to additional one-time data collection that is beyond the scope of standard data collected by the national blood service for that country. Additional objectives are to determine the number and proportion of successful blood donation attempts (i.e., those that result in generating blood available for transfusion) over time and assess donor risk factors for unsuccessful donation.
Principal Investigators: Meghan Delaney, Cavan Reilly, Lucy Asamoah-Akuoko, Pratap Kumar and Bridon M’baya